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Gamepad MVPs Launches Our Merchandise Store!

Party Merchandise

Parties are nothing without a little SWAG (stuff we all get)! That’s why we just launched our merchandise store. Now you can get everything you need to make your party extra special.


We have apparel like t-shirts that you can use as a party favors, prize or identify teammates in one of our exciting games like Laser Tag or KnockerBall Bubble Soccer. We love apparel at parties because people wear them long after the event reminding them of your company and the great time they had at your party.


We have calendars with personalized photos for every month of the year. This merch is especially great if you rented our Fotobooth for your event. We’ve got props and cool backgrounds that make for unique pictures. Each month, your calendar reveals a fun new picture featuring you, your friends, your co-workers, or your family at your event.


We have premium merchandise too! Give your guests custom iPhone cases, puzzles, and bags. They will be blown away by the quality SWAG they get to take home.


We have so many options that we know we have the right merchandise tailored to your event. So give us a call to find out more or check out our Merchandise page.

Contact Us today!


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Need Help Planning Your Holiday Party?

party planner

Holiday parties are fast approaching...Yikes!

If you are the designated party planner and you haven’t already planned your holiday party yet, and you are feeling ever so slightly panicked, that’s OK; we are here to help.

You need to have decorations, ideally some gifts or something to take away from the event so your guests will remember what a great time they had; and you absolutely must have entertainment.

No one wants to go to a boring event!

Gamepad MVPs has always been the go-to for party entertainment. Now, we are a one-stop-shop for all your party planning needs. We make holiday party planning simple and stress-free.

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Bubble Soccer is Sweeping the Nation

We first saw KnockerBall (or bubble soccer) on a comedic Norway TV show in 2011. Since then, the sport has come to America, and it is fast becoming a popular sport to play across the nation. Why? The question is why not? How can you not have an amazing time running around in a bubble?

Check out the first live broadcast of KnockerBall:

What is KnockerBall?

KnockerBall bubble soccer combines the athleticism of soccer – tons of running, jumping, kicking - with the hilarious addition of each player wrapped in a massive bubble soccer suit.

Bubble soccer has smaller fields and fewer players on each team compared to traditional soccer. Typically, 5-on-5 with one player as the goalie.

Why Bubble Soccer is So Much Fun

The bubble suit takes the game to a new level. It is harder to maneuver, which adds a level of difficulty, but it is also way more fun to bounce off other players. You can be more aggressive, while still maintaining safety.

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Thanksgiving Party Ideas

Thanksgiving is great. There is great food and great people, you get a couple of days vacation from work, and there are crazy sales.

The only problem is, if it is your year to host, you need to start thinking about Thanksgiving party ideas. At least ideas that will make it fun AND make it easier for you.

Idea #1 Potluck

Just because you are hosting the event doesn’t mean that you must do EVERYTHING. There is plenty to do which means that there is plenty of tasks to divvy up. Let someone take on the appetizers, another the homemade cranberry sauce, and someone else the dessert. You’ll find that Thanksgiving is more fun when you aren’t stuck in the kitchen all day.

Idea #2 Rent the Dinnerware

If you aren’t planning a fancy dinner, consider renting your plates, cups, and cutlery. You can throw them away when you are done which minimizes the cleanup, and you don’t have to worry about anything happening to your dishes with all the extra people in your house. Party supplies are a great way to simplify Thanksgiving.

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Free Inflatable for Your Party!

For a Limited Time

Book any of Gamepad MVP's Party Packages and

Get a Free Inflatable for your event!!

All you have to do is book online or call 844-USE-MVPS!


Subject to Availability, Call Now!

Party Packages

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