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Bubble Soccer is Sweeping the Nation

We first saw KnockerBall (or bubble soccer) on a comedic Norway TV show in 2011. Since then, the sport has come to America, and it is fast becoming a popular sport to play across the nation. Why? The question is why not? How can you not have an amazing time running around in a bubble?

Check out the first live broadcast of KnockerBall:

What is KnockerBall?

KnockerBall bubble soccer combines the athleticism of soccer – tons of running, jumping, kicking - with the hilarious addition of each player wrapped in a massive bubble soccer suit.

Bubble soccer has smaller fields and fewer players on each team compared to traditional soccer. Typically, 5-on-5 with one player as the goalie.

Why Bubble Soccer is So Much Fun

The bubble suit takes the game to a new level. It is harder to maneuver, which adds a level of difficulty, but it is also way more fun to bounce off other players. You can be more aggressive, while still maintaining safety.


Even though in some ways bubble soccer is harder than regular soccer, it does help to level the playing field. Experienced soccer players have just as much a disadvantage in the bubble suit as novice players.

You’ll think that you are in one of those crazy gameshows where people put you in strange situations and watch you try to figure out how to escape.

Or, maybe like you are in one of those sumo wrestling suits, but you are expected to run and score goals instead of wrestle.

As you can picture in your head right now, it is not just exciting and fun for the players, but the spectators really get a show!

Bubble Soccer Rental

The great thing is that you don’t have to join a league. You can buy a bubble soccer rental, and we will come to you.

Gamepad offers KnockerBall bubble soccer for any event: birthday parties, church, non-profit, and corporate events. We bring the ball and the suits + a referee to officiate the game and help the players learn how to get started. We will teach you how to get in and out of the suits, and most importantly, how to get up when you fall or get knocked down.

Contact us or check out our Bubble Soccer page for more info!

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